Lean Thinking

People are front and center. Our consulting approach is very much focused on working with and empowering your people. Every engagement is structured in such a way to:

  • Educate your people to enable a transfer of knowledge into your organization

  • Guide and support your people through hands-on, “roll-up-your-sleeves” improvement workshops and projects

  • Coach individuals and teams through the changes inherent in any process improvement effort

  • Set your organization on a path towards self-sustained continuous improvement

We do this by carefully tailoring our on-site support and training materials to the specific and unique needs of your company and business model. One size does not fit all!


Systems Thinking

Systems Thinking consulting is aimed at your reporting systems and IT processes. In close cooperation with the relevant departments we can:

  • Conduct a "system scan" to gather and analyze your reporting system (metrics, KPI's) and your IT systems

  • Consult on where there may be hidden discrepancies between the parts of your organization, in your reporting and IT structure

  • Analyze where system complexity is driving your company behavior and decision making in a counter-productive way, and where it is truly assisting you

Through analysis, coaching and insights from outside your organization we can assist your managerial levels and IT departments to drive further improvements from within.