Systems Thinking

Everything is connected...

The hardest part about implementing Lean in your organization is not learning the methods, tools and techniques, or even applying them. The real challenge lies in embedding true Lean and Systems Thinking into your company structure and going through an organizational and cultural change that enables continuous improvement.

ERP and Controlling Systems
ERP systems are designed to bring you insight into the location and ownership of every component and part in your supply chain. From experience we know how much effort is required to maintain such a system, and how complex planning and configuration of such systems can become.

At Denkyu Consulting we strongly believe that such a high level of complexity and registration of every single movement of every part is not the only way to achieve the desired and necessary transparency.
We can help you analyze what needs to be tracked in detail, and what can and should be kept simple, while still maintaining or even improving the level of transparency and required control.

Metric Alignment
It may sound obvious that the entire organization should be geared to the ultimate goal: customer satisfaction. In reality, as your organization grows over time, different departments will be set up with their own individual goals and metrics. Unfortunately, these different department goals don't necessarily or automatically align towards the organization's goals.
Often, such department goals do not have the ultimate customer in mind, and may even cause conflicts between different groups or departments.
Systems Thinking will help you to truly look at your whole process from a customer's point of view. Systems Thinking will help us answer the question: "what is the true value that our customers seek?" In answering this question, we can realign the different departments, from R&D through purchasing and manufacturing all the way top after sales, to help achieve the company's goal.